Healthy lifestyle tips for everyone

The most important rule for those who are crazy about healthy eating is keeping their balance. Your organism must get all the necessary vitamins and microelements and if your diet is balanced, your organism will function properly and you will be healthy and happy. This rule applies to everybody: kids, grown-ups and elderly people - that's why try to make clear the following tips for your family members:

1. Having everyday meals must be enjoyable and if you share a meal with your family or friends, you are happy, because you can communicate while eating, you can learn something new about other people's food preferences, you can even work out your own menu together, trying to include as many healthier foods as possible.

2. You need energy if you want to be productive, that's why having breakfast is vital! You should not overeat of course, but cereal and fruit will make you energetic and brisk.

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Nitric Oxide and ADNO - detailed explanation

The key concerns surrounding Nitric Oxide therapy generally involve two factors: INO (Inhaled Nitric Oxide) versus ADNO (Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide), and standard L-Arginine Dosing (3-6grams) versus excessive L-Arginine dosing (30-50grams). Our supplements are ADNO products using (when taken as directed) less than 3 grams of L-Arginine.

First, let's talk about INO versus ADNO. Similar to hormone therapy, this is a synthetic (INO) versus bioidentical (ADNO) discussion. INO, or Inhaled Nitric Oxide is a highly instable free radical molecule compounded by bringing together equal parts of oxygen and nitrogen atoms. Outside anaerobic laboratory conditions INO converts almost instantly to NO2, a toxic pollutant found in smog.

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Stay healthy and fit

If one of your main aims is health and beauty, you should better think about your food as about a means towards this end. Your food should not run counter to a healthy life-style. Do not forget about eating vegetables, high-fiber foods; take into account all the ingredients that are included as a compound of the products you consume. Moreover, you should have positive attitude to what you do and to your own life. Why not to unite with those people who have the same priorities? Help your friends and family to decide on good eating habits.

If you are at your starting point, these tips will be quite helpful:

1. Never glut yourself with food. Such a bad habit will not make you healthier. Overeating and undernourishment are equally bad for your health. Try to control yourself, be wise when you help yourself to delicious food. At the same time, beating yourself up will not do you a favor too, it can lead to different hang-ups.

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