Nitric Oxide and ADNO - detailed explanation

The key concerns surrounding Nitric Oxide therapy generally involve two factors: INO (Inhaled Nitric Oxide) versus ADNO (Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide), and standard L-Arginine Dosing (3-6grams) versus excessive L-Arginine dosing (30-50grams). Our supplements are ADNO products using (when taken as directed) less than 3 grams of L-Arginine.

First, let's talk about INO versus ADNO. Similar to hormone therapy, so Laxogenin - this is a synthetic (INO) versus bioidentical (ADNO) discussion, read more Laxogenin. INO, or Inhaled Nitric Oxide is a highly instable free radical molecule compounded by bringing together equal parts of oxygen and nitrogen atoms. Outside anaerobic laboratory conditions INO converts almost instantly to NO2, a toxic pollutant found in smog.

As such it is possible for INO to become contaminated in the inhalation process and produce toxicity in patients. Further, as INO is not endogenously derived, as is ADNO (via the nitric oxide syntheses found in our DNA), several critical steps in the nitric oxide cycle are "skipped". Within these critical steps the body is "signaled" to produce the appropriate enzymes and regulators necessary to properly cycle NO. Hence, there is an increased risk of the body perceiving and attacking INO as a foreign body thus producing other reactions (especially with excessive dosages of INO).

ADNO, on the other hand, is bioidentical, naturally and regularly occurs within the anaerobic environment of the body, and, within normal ranges, and is safely and effectively cycled in the body. Viagra, providing increased penile blood flow, is a pharmaceutical version of ADNO. However, in order to sustain longer erections, Viagra removes a key regulator, the results of which have sent men into the emergency room with erections lasting in excess of 4 hours.

Why do our bodies safely process NO? ADNO begins not with Nitric Oxide but with L-Arginine, which humans and other animals consume regularly in our diet. Therefore, when we talk about NO "supplements" we are not talking about NO, rather about NO precursor amino acids, namely L-Arginine. To avoid confusion, L-Arginine manufacturers generally refer to their products as NO products.

Safe levels? Scientists universally agree that any therapeutic agent in excessive amounts may damage the delicate balance of our bodies, and produce the opposite effect. For example, pure oxygen therapy caused blindness in a significant number of infants, until levels were reduced which allowed infants to survive without this crippling effect.

Within the average daily diet, we consume some 3-6grams of L-Arginine, and conservative researchers recommend this amount. Where scientific papers document side effects of ADNO, some 30-50 grams of L-Arginine is administered, generally by direct injection into the bloodstream. A proportionate excess of ADNO byproducts are also produced. Further, ADNO by direct injection again skips potentially critical steps in the natural ADNO process, those triggered by oral ingestion. My Healthy Horses Products are orally administered, taking full advantage of true ADNO.

Peroxynitrite/nitrate is a valid concern. For this reason (as you may have seen in my previous email), experts do not recommend taking free standing L-Arginine without co-factors. Supplement manufacturers are further encouraged to use antioxidant co-factors in their formulations. My Healthy Horses has no free standing L-Arginine products.

All our ADNO products are blended with a number of antioxidant herbs, vitamin and mineral antioxidant co-enzymes, and amino acid antioxidant precursers. Further, our biosynergistic uptake system requires significantly lesser amounts of L-Arginine compared to other ADNO supplements. Thus, our products theoretically have little if any peroxynitrite byproduct.

We hope the above assists you in being a more informed consumer when you evaluate not only ADNO products, but also Nitric Oxide therapies.

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