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If one of your main aims is health and beauty, you should better think about your food as about a means towards this end. Your food should not run counter to a healthy life-style. Do not forget about eating vegetables, high-fiber foods; take into account all the ingredients that are included as a compound of the products you consume. Moreover, you should have positive attitude to what you do use Brainpill and to your own life, use Why not to unite with those people who have the same priorities? Help your friends and family to decide on good eating habits.

If you are at your starting point, these tips will be quite helpful:

1. Never glut yourself with food. Such a bad habit will not make you healthier. Overeating and undernourishment are equally bad for your health. Try to control yourself, be wise when you help yourself to delicious food. At the same time, beating yourself up will not do you a favor too, it can lead to different hang-ups.

2. You are unique and there is no use to compare yourself to anyone. If your skinny friend seems to look better than you, it is your own illusion. Think about Kim Kardashian, for example, she is not as skinny as a toothpick; otherwise she would not look so attractive. Nevertheless, respect your own personality, your unique beauty, because who would be eager to love you, when you hate yourself?

3. Learn to come to an agreement with your own wishes. For example, why should you deprive yourself of something you adore, let it be ice-cream, your plan should be the following: ice-cream is sweet and if today you want to regale yourself with it, do not eat anything sweet, except one portion of your favorite ice-cream.

4. The food you eat should be of bright natural colors. Red sweet pepper, fresh green broccoli, aromatic blueberries - these products will help you to enrich your organism with vitamins and antioxidants.

5. You should better choose those products that grow in the same area you live in, they will be better for your health, because you can be sure, that these products are fresh. For example, your neighbor is a farmer, you should better buy apples that grow in his garden, that those apples from a local supermarket that were shipped from a faraway country.

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